Backyard Garden Wedding | Keaton + Maggie

Virginia Weddings

February 21, 2022


Keaton and Maggie’s backyard garden wedding was unforgettable. It was held at their home in Northern Virginia with close friends and family. They envisioned their special day as a romantic, under the stars, garden wedding with vibrant colors! And it was just that. Backyard weddings are a great idea to do because you can save so much money and enjoy the luxury of being outside your home. I wouldn’t recommend a backyard wedding if you are hosting a wedding with a large guest list. That is, of course, unless you have a large backyard! They are most often great for more intimate weddings though.

Keaton and Maggie met at a small party at his apartment around April of 2017. They instantly hit it off and have been together ever since. They’re both passionate musicians and teachers and every year they travel to Southern California and Puerto Rico together to fulfill Maggie’s love for surfing. They are each other’s best friends and a match made in heaven. I was so excited to photograph their wedding because of how much love I have for these two and because of how beautiful everything was.

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“An absolutely amazing photographer. She was able to get all the necessary wedding photos, plus lots of extra nontraditional photos. She took some great pictures and has a good eye for photos. Best of all, our photos were available two weeks after the wedding and we worked on the album together after that. Great with communication and is very punctual! We had an issue at the wedding with the transportation and were stranded on the property for a little bit, but she worked with it and got some beautiful shots and never got discouraged. I would definitely recommend Monica!!!!”